Make your corporate vehicle into a moving billboard with custom vehicle wraps and graphics by Landy Marketing!

We believe in giving your business maximum exposure, as efficiently as possible, in order to reduce your overall advertising costs. Vehicle wraps are an excellent and cost-effective way to increase the coverage of your company’s brand. Whether you need a full vehicle wrap or just a logo or phone number on a door, Landy Marketing has you covered. Our professional installers have years of experience wrapping vehicles in South Florida. We also offer custom vehicle magnets, which are a great option for those who may not be able to have commercial graphics on their car full time.

custom vehicle graphics and wraps

Vehicle Wrap Facts

  • Vehicle graphics advertising your brand can generate 30,000-70,000 views a day!
  • Outdoor Advertising Magazine reports that wrapped vehicles have a 97% recall rate amongst viewers.
  • The Federal Highway Administration reports that Americans are spending more time on the road than ever before, with the average person travelling over 300 miles in the last week.
  • Pedestrian traffic continues to increase in metropolitan areas, representing a valuable opportunity for your brand to be seen on your vehicles.
  • In most cases, graphics can be applied to a vehicle for less than the monthly cost of billboard advertising, and they last for years!

Please visit the Portfolios section of our site to view samples of our vehicle wraps.

vehicle graphics by Landy Marketing

Full Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wraps by Landy Marketing

Partial Wraps

vehicle magnets from Landy Marketing

Vehicle Magnets

Ready to turn your ride in to a rolling billboard?

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