Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I choose the type of material my sign is printed on?
A: Yes, most signs are available in a variety of different materials. For more information about sign materials click here.

Q: Do you offer additional sizes and shapes?
A: Yes, to inquire about additional size and shape options, please use our quote request form or call 954-510-2600.

Q: Are signs printed on both sides?
A: Yes, unless otherwise noted, all signs are printed on both the front and back sides.

Q: Will I have to drill holes in my sign to hang it?
A: No, your sign will come with holes pre-drilled. For more information about sign holes, click here.

Q: Will my sign come with a post, frame, or stakes?
A: No, stakes, frames, and posts may be purchased from …

Q: How can I change the direction of the arrow on the back side of a directional sign?
A: You won’t need to. When you order a directional sign, we will adjust the arrows so that they point in the correct direction on the opposite side of the sign.

Business Cards

Q: What type of material are cards printed on?
A: We offer a variety of material options. Out standard business cards are printed 0n 16-point stock.

Q: Are business cards printed on both sides?
A: We offer both one and two-sided printing options.

Q: Can I have rounded corners on my business card?
A: Yes, we offer rounded corners as an option.

Q: Can you design my card for me?
A: Yes, we offer full professional graphic design services.

Q: Can I design my own card?
A: Yes, you can choose from one our pre-designed templates, or click here to design your own card with our custom card creator.

Customization and Artwork

Q: Can I add a custom logo or image to my sign?
A: Yes, some signs and cards have the option to add your own graphics.

Q: Do you offer design services?
A: Yes, we offer full graphic design services for an additional fee.

Placing an Order

Shipping and Delivery

Q: Can I pick up my sign in person?
A: Yes, you have the option of picking up your sign at our office at:
     4801 Johnson Road, Suite 9
     Coconut Creek, FL 33073